Sunset Storm

Sunsets reflect

the passage of the day

squeaks of light

strikes of gold

rolls of grey

blurred puffs of energy

cry – intensity

In a moment

the sky breaks

the trees fold

the house shakes

the girl’s cold

Set into darkness

Blown into nothing

all that’s left

pitta patta

of something

thirty five turns of the sun

thirty five turns of the sun 
lingers on my horizon  
mind floats
why am I? 
how am I? 

it's dark in here
im hiding under the bed 
my eyes are shut 
and i feel... yeah... 

i was going to be a cartoonist 
i was going to be a traveller 
i was going to be a creator 
i was going to be 

have you ever done those quizzes 
things to do before 
insert an age or die 

the internet says 
know the glue can come undone  
know not all hearts beat together 
know your friends have your back 
know it's okay to go off track 

thirty five turns of the sun 
i'm playing the game 
and i'm far from done.

2020 in Review. Yeah.

2020 in Review. Yeah.

 Next year I’ll have 2020 Vision
Oxymoronic joke of yesterday
It’s me, myself and my television
2020 – F*** My Life – come what may.

Flown through shadows of Cyclone Sarai
Echoes of cries from family and friends
Home beckoned beyond the Pacific sky
The clock started ticking on the island.

In the first month of 2020 we
Were on fire. Bursting from the state forests
A burning glow; cities, country, and sea
Confined in an unprecedented mess.

In the second month of 2020 we
Were underwater. Not seen since August
Highways washed out; cities, country, and sea
Cut off in an unprecedented mess.

In the third month of 2020 we
were told three little words. It’s for the best
Just stay at home; cities, country, and sea
Holistay an unprecedented mess.

What do we think of 2020? we
do not believe it’s a year we’ll cherish
April, May, What? Cities, country and sea
2020 is an unprecedented mess.

My Almanac

 My Almanac

Nimbostratus animates the dark skies
Wattles shiver beneath the eucalypts
The bustles of Great Exhibition dies
Stone the flamin’ crows! Screams from weathered lips
The Roo’s alone bounce across the desert
Dreams of an eternal blue billabong
Changing winds sweeping the dusty red earth
There’s nothing left to show – a sunburnt home.
Four seasons in one day, the laneways read
I sit here waiting for us to happen
Life’s house of improv – let me try that scene
Little red dresses are hard to fathom.
I’m a goldilocks of small-town England
A kindred spirit of Ms. Jane Austen
Outside my window, an empty grandstand
Groundhog Day headlines: ‘It’s the same, stay in’.
I write to you, always and forever
But our love is a wandering unicorn
Once upon a time and ever after
Shutters fall and lock – the story is worn.
Standing at the edge there is melancholy
Thunderous temperamental melody
Telling the tale of me in my city.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

They said I was the good little girl
Colouring within the lines
Going through the motions
Quietly dreaming of another time.
I was gonna be happy forever
I was gonna be part of a great team
I was gonna be a great story
But now I’m somewhere in between.
This is the path I’ve chosen
The years have welded together
I don’t know how it happened
A life-like birds of a feather.
I am suspended in animation
alone with my imagination.


On Writing Poetry

On Writing Poetry

Da-duh. Da-duh. Dah-duh, My finger taps.
A Word Art race. Scurry across my eyes
Like math, dancing into a rhythmic sequence
They say mean it, do you know what I mean?
My heart’s static. A buoy in the ocean
Floating, drifting – a gypsy vagabond
Words tornado our binding emotion
Beckoning your aching heart to respond.
Someone said your soul should orate your truth
Let your heart hug people – join the chorus
Animate the philosophy of youth
But please please, do your best not to bore us.
Our brain is the marionettist of life
And our fingers bear the unwanting strife.

Triolet: If it’s quite alright

If it’s quite alright, my darling
I’ll remember the time we met
A lakeside Autumn, so charming
If it’s quite alright, my darling
You offered your hand for dancing
Weaving in a timeless duet
If it’s quite alright, my darling
I’ll remember the time we met.



I am tall and yellow.
How far does the blue sky go?
The twitter of the Chickadee’s
Dance through the mighty white oaks
Awakening the forest,
and I stand tall and yellow.
I try to burst from the earth
Turn and face the sun
I feel the heat
and worry the drought
Won’t let her cry.
I am tall and yellow.
I bring the joy and sparkle
A thousand suns
Planted in eternal fields
I try to stand tall
I try to stay yellow
I hope for tomorrow.
I am a sunflower fellow.

Twenty Little Poetry Projects

 Twenty Little Poetry Projects: 2020

The Earth is holding her breath
But it’s okay we have another on standby
The television tells us she’s ringing
Wake up and smell the bacon
Taste the truth. She’s quaking.
In Melbourne 2020
We only have one Earth
But nothing’s bad going to happen
Right?! #stayathome
It’ll change if they do the same?
The good hear the call of danger
And act in order to change her.
The rain won’t wash it away
The heat won’t burn it out
It won’t buckle to the shouts
It’ll reach East, West, North, and South.
The Earth is holding her breath
Humans need to give her a rest.
Next year, we’ll gather the rosebuds of May
Climb mountains, and seize the day.
It’s the creative strength
That’ll battle the invisible
Right there from our window sills.