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What will your legacy be?

What will your legacy be?
Someone fetch me a cup of tea
Vacant eyes in a photograph
a smile with potential to laugh
the voice quiet and unheard
the writer speaks not a word
hidden behind hazel eyes
an ocean of silent cries
make your mark on the page
own your part on the stage
you’re the lead in your story
reach for your inner glory
stretch it to the sky like a tree
what will your legacy be?

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The Inbetween.


Every day – opening and closing;

hours spent shutting out this world

caught up in her own in between.

Trapped in repetitive imagery

paralysed by the same expressions

she escapes into Narnia.

Opens her world of black ravens

whistling over an ocean breeze

a melody of her young soul.

Every day – opening and closing

Eyes anchor the in-betweens.

Todays poem inspired by Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 34 – Doors

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#NaPoWriMo Day Four: “Time”

Hiding in a timeless forest

she wanders lonely as a cloud

searching for her story; her quest.

She is not another face in the crowd.

She likes to get lost in Austen.

She likes to follow The Doctor.

She dreams of tea time in Boston.

She dreams of joining The Watchers.

Every day; once upon a time

happens simultaneously.

She loves it! – Is it such a crime?

To wander the realm aimlessly?

Soon, she will find the time; the place

to give this world a warm embrace.