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An Untitled Life


 I like to live the way I want to live

in my own company, completely free.

My choices. I don’t ask you to forgive

coz I only answer to one person. Me. 

I’ve been cleaning out yesterdays wardrobe,

my boots and pack are asleep on the shelf

neighbours to treasures from across the globe

above the costumes, that make me myself.

I bought sunflowers because they make me smile.

I have Frankie for when I want to escape.

My Sharpies are defenders of my creative trials

as I colour the pieces of my landscape.

My Chinese lanterns hang over Big Ben,

reflecting my memories of magical Earth,

collection of moments; who, what and when,

my friends as I descend, from birth to hearse.


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An unproductive Sunday

If I were a time or day
I’d be an unproductive Sunday
sleepy with pre-storm glow
wondering where it all goes
deadlines roar thunderous grumbles
flashing my messenger
its quarter to three
all I want is the answer

pretending to write letters
feeling the delete buttons
editing my mind
haunted by the fear
its raining outside
and I am screaming
on the inside

goaded by universal truths
weighing down my confidence
anchoring my thoughts

dreaming of the tomorrows
procrastination’s pal
is hoping for a time out

I am an unproductive Sunday

Inspired by a rather unproductive Sunday. I made a pact with myself to spend Sunday afternoons editing my NaNoWriMo novel, today I failed, as I drowned in plot and blank pages. 

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#NaPoWriMo Day Seven – “Discovering Monday”

Last nights colours blurred in the rain

as the bells echo in her ears;

slowly the cogs turn in her brain

but its fuzzy; nothing is clear.

Her feet reach out for the cold floor

as the world straightens in her head.

Stepping forward to the bedroom door

a mine-field; watching where she treads.

There is hope for this tired zombie

as she finds her way to the ground.

She takes a gulp from her coffee;

her state, she can now expound.

Today, is what we call Monday

a sad wretch that follows Sunday.


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sunday afternoon

coffee, cake, and live music

trees dance in the wind

a dear friend stops and says ‘hello’

shared moments in our story.


smooth cream of cheesecake

nestled upon a biscuit

a hint of lemon

is like bite-size happiness

a taste of innocent love


black crow on the roof

watches the sea of people

on an autumn day

she sits and drinks her coffee

her eyes searching for her prey


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A road to love – Beatles-esque

Get Back

Paperback Writer


She loves you


All you need is love


A hard day’s night

Can’t buy me love


Eight Days a week

I want to hold your hand

We can work it out

Let it be


Lady Madonna

Love me do

Ticket to Ride

From me to you


Long and Winding Road

Come Together

Penny Lane

I feel fine



*Inspired by a challenge I saw elsewhere on wordpress