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NaPoWriMo – Day 11 – Overheard

Have you heard about the thing?
I know what I know, but do you?
They were supposed to ring
tell me what you know, even a clue?

You told me you know something
but it’s not official right?
I can’t believe this is happening
why can’t it be black and white.

You know I know something
and I know you know something too
are the gremlins listening
one day we can talk our truths.

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NaPoWriMo – Day 10 – Sea Shanty

Steer the oak helm north of the fold
the stag, the sea whip, the fire bird
they are the answer, so we’re told
Alina is our truth, our word.

Za svobodo, za svobodo.

We dream of an ordinary life
where all our kind are accepted
We dream of a world without strife
where no one has to bleed it.

Za svobodo, za svobodo.

The dark one stands on the hill
but the light continues on
unchartered waters fits the bill
for a new and peaceful kingdom.

Za svobodo, za svobodo.

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NaPoWriMo – Day 9 – Sonnet

The love I want lives inside the TV
a dark haired prince whose dark eyes catch my heart
intertwine a transparent energy
a magic beginning about to start.
He attends to my story likes it’s truth.
His hand catches mine when I don’t feel strong.
He stands beside me holding up our roof.
Our minds and body in sync all day long.
But, when summer has had her last sunset
and Autumn beckons the eternal dark;
Lobster love, can we breathe enough of it?
Has the mighty great Eros left his mark?
The love I want is sleeping next to me;
My best friend, my confidante, my story.
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NaPoWriMo – Day 8 – Twenty Little Poetry Projects

Toy bunnies feed his soul.
He has too many toys.
Smelling the Autumn air
sinking his teeth
into the spongy grey fur
dangling from its squeaky paws.
It tastes like peanut butter.
April showers rock n roll
like Elvis on a Memphis stage.
He needs more bunnies.
Did he eat all the peanut butter?
Gee whiz!
If I wash him, it’ll rain.
It’s alright mama.
The caramel pup of happiness
sleeps during thunderstorms
and climbs trees in Autumn.
Chum shouldn’t buy more bunnies.
Payday comes in seven days
Jesse Bells heard the ringing.
Suspicious minds
will be disappointed.
C’est la vie!
The toy bunny fights for life
under the zealous pup.
Why does it smell like peanut butter?
Jesse Bells & Grey Bunny II
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NaPoWriMo – Day 6

Sure, at the point of Avon town
let us dance, yes we dance.
Sure, at the point of Avon town
let us dance - two and one.
My beau moves in tune.
And please, encore commune.
My Bella, dances under the moon.
And please, encore commune.
The free front the croon.
And please, encore commune.
The music fills our commune.
And please, encore commune.
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NaPoWriMo – Day 5 – Inappropriate moments

It was the moment Dumbledore
died, falling from the owl tower
the cinema inhaled in awe
silence echoed in the hour.
In that moment of quiet grace
I saw my friend in my side eye
roll her lips inside her face
and an epic pop broke the ice.
Vibrating through the crisp darkness
a climatic moment ruined
shuffling awkwardness won’t confess
the inappropriate intrusion.

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NaPoWriMo – Day 2 – Surreal

Grey haunting fog.

Stepping forward, from
shadow selves.

A flute echoes across the sky
stirring the dark and twisted
sounds of thunderous clouds
echoes the rushing rivers
meandering down the hill.

Angels favour the brave.
The oaks stand tall in the woods
battered and bruised
at the mercy of Zeus.

I am a wedge of cranberry cheese.