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In the dark of the witching hour
The moon beamed through her open door
And wafted across the snowy blanket
Falling deep in her chocolate hair.
Beyond her eyes, the world was spinning
Away in her highland castle
She followed the stag through the wood
Resting beside a babbling brook.
The colours filled her heart with warmth
Her eyes sparkled, she was happy
The stag stood bold, strong and tall
Among the rocky grey stones.
She dreamt of peace and harmony
She dreamt of the present and history.

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Sitting on the steps of Flinders
Her dress was the best mess
A shower of sunflowers unexplored
the snug caterpillars float
In little rocky sailing boats.
Yes, she was all alone
Lost in sea of epic emotions.

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Nonsensical Confusion

I almost spoke them

Two and three letters.

Would be all it takes

to break the chasm.

But these walls just won’t be broken,

banterous words left unspoken

everyday is a decision

to honour this fixed deletion.

I felt the presence

and I took a breathe

to let out, a sound

but nothing happened.

It’s like standing from a tall bridge

colours of the world mesh into one

I can’t tell a snake from a sparrow

it’s just something I used to know.

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That old man

Alone upon the mountainside
Our hero hid and cowered
Born of Dickensian yuletide
He persona was rather dour.
His sandy hair was stiff as straw
His hat feeble and frail
His feet cemented to the floor
cold on his mountainside jail.
Glaring down into the valley
He chided his creators
Captivated infinitely
Upon a sea of haters.
Alone upon the mountainside
Our hero watched and wondered
Weathered, beaten, and cockeyed
What life had he plundered?

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Do you ever feel like a human fail?

Inspired by #itsokaynottobeokay

Do you ever feel like a human fail?
Like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle,
That you were so focused in the long trail
You forgot to give the now some trouble.
I can’t remember when it all started
When did I become these broken doll parts?
How did my life become so uncharted?
What lies inside? Is there even a heart?
I don’t know how to be. What is human?
Getting lost in white petals of Spring,
Conversing in emotional fusion
Bonded by the desires to stand and sing.
Who can tell if we are doing this right
I just do, say, and hope. That is my plight.

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Nothing happened

Her mind does not have a default setting,
It’s a spag bowl of anarchic thoughts
Rich in flavour and strong in vetting
The myriad of moments her eyes have caught.
Categorising from thumbs up to thumbs down
pushed an acquaintance from friend to foe
Like a cut apple beginning to brown
A shrivelling font, a footnote, in her bio.
Once upon a time in a far off place
Happy never after faded on the page
Standing tall she continued with grace
And exited left off his centre stage.
Her mind took a second to think and grieve
but the sun rose again, now she can breathe.