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OneDayOneWorld – 2pm

Taken and written for the One Day One World project – where one hour of a day is captured around the world 🙂



Between lunch and tea

the sun hovers in the west

a post-it party

bustling below the window

humanity progresses.

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OneDayOneWorld – Hour Two – 1pm

Written for the 1 Day 1 World Project – one hour a week around the world.

Photo taken just after 1pm at Half Moon Bay, Victoria, Australia.

Sunday 1pm

Out on the road for Mum’s Day

drawn to a beach symphony

of seagulls across the bay

trying to catch the imagery.

An animation of friends

singing in wondrous chorus

to the town around the bend

their melody was flawless.

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OneDayOneWorld – Hour One – 12pm

Ever wondered what everyone else is up to at any given time on any given day? The following was written for / inspired by the 1 Day 1 World Project running from May to October (24 weeks) where each week will unveil a particular hour around the world.

Sunday 12pm


Bound inside my suburban walls

like the spider caught in the drain

watching as the dark shadows fall

under the loud thundery rain.

Nestled in my big blue armchair

I read my book and drink my tea

the smell of pizza fills the air

with my warm fuzzy boots and me.