#NaPoWriMo Day Twelve – “Rain”

Careful steps where the puddles meet

a little lady wages war

Smiles of empathy cross the street

Her umbrella falls to the floor

It’s all about the shades of grey;

paint an urban watercolour.

it’s just four seasons in one day

a game we play in Melbournia. 

#NaPoWriMo Day Nine – “Ode to a Lava Cake”

Lava Cake


I remember the first day we met

Like a thief, you’ve stolen my heart!

Rescue me from this ghastly wet

You know, you had me from the start.

Whenever the sky cries her tears

And the world becomes shades of grey

I think of you to rid my fears

Your warm embrace brightens my day.

I love your chocolatey goodness

And the way you ooze down my throat

Your awesomeness is – well – madness

hidden inside your spongy coat.

So here’s to you my lava cake

Now go away – for my diets sake!