NaPoWriMo – 3/30 – Fan Poem to Shonda Rhimes

I'm the girl who dreams of sunshine
but loves dancing in the rain
I fight the fight, just to feel fine
it's a battle inside my brain.

I found you at Seattle Grace
I bonded with dark and twisty
and now I have a scandalous face
and a book that's rather witty.

The words you wrote spoke to my soul
I spent a long time in fear
you've inspired me to reach my goals,
I'm going to say YES this year!

I wish I'd been on that kitchen shelf
and heard the tales you had to tell
I imagine even a christmas elf
would have been enchanted by your spell.

So, THANK YOU for being you
and thank you for Mer and Olivia
through them I've learnt some truths
or at least some good trivia!

Shonda, I am totes addicted 
I HAVE to hear your words
There's no way I could have predicted
how your work has changed my world.