A note for Sixty

Inspired by Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 60: Sixty


A note to sixty-year-old Charlie

We’ve always had futuristic optimistic dreams

of an iCharlie with silver hair

thoughts of 2045 – what a nightmare

yes, coffee! Plug me in there

Scanning and programming a human consciousness

it’s United States of Earth, right?

Here they’re conversing, rehearsing political folly

with the best interests – of them!

I am writing from English Atlantis

Are we still here at Sixty?

5 thoughts on “A note for Sixty

    • Charlie Alford says:

      Ha ha… You should have seen the original… took me a few attempts to get down to sixty! I’m glad you like 🙂


      • charlypriest says:

        I´m sure it wasn´t easy that´s for sure. Clever, and I only think only Mr. Tommy over there actually paid attention to the whole thing, or saw it in the prompt.


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