My Almanac

 My Almanac

Nimbostratus animates the dark skies
Wattles shiver beneath the eucalypts
The bustles of Great Exhibition dies
Stone the flamin’ crows! Screams from weathered lips
The Roo’s alone bounce across the desert
Dreams of an eternal blue billabong
Changing winds sweeping the dusty red earth
There’s nothing left to show – a sunburnt home.
Four seasons in one day, the laneways read
I sit here waiting for us to happen
Life’s house of improv – let me try that scene
Little red dresses are hard to fathom.
I’m a goldilocks of small-town England
A kindred spirit of Ms. Jane Austen
Outside my window, an empty grandstand
Groundhog Day headlines: ‘It’s the same, stay in’.
I write to you, always and forever
But our love is a wandering unicorn
Once upon a time and ever after
Shutters fall and lock – the story is worn.
Standing at the edge there is melancholy
Thunderous temperamental melody
Telling the tale of me in my city.

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