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Anniversary of Me

Anniversary of Me – A work in progress

16.6.1985 –                  


The makings of summer began for them

early Fathers Day, 1985

and they said hello to their first daughter.

The sounds waves of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

brought goosebumps to his faded green tattoos

as he met her little brown eyes, gazing.

Soft olive clay ready to be moulded

her mentor, a ginger cat named Garfield

she learnt to love pasta and hate Mondays.

The years have passed like the ticks of a clock

nonsensical counting from birth to death

pausing to celebrate, commemorate.

Little pastel soldiers stand in a line

as a wave of fire sets their heads alight

and the incessant chanting begins.

Twenty-Nine years – she has seen fire and rain

climbed high mountains and sailed along rivers

travelling this long colourful rainbow.