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Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 16: School Days

Inspired by Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 16:



Bomber jacket over navy blazer

black gothic hair and skeleton satchel

conversations about vampires and ghosts

scrawled across feeble exercise books.

Walking north to a religious prison

resistance was met and judged by Fathers

asking about Church attendance on Sunday

and expectations of Confirmation.

School was like society’s theatre

marionettes performing to loud bells

and playground whistles choreographing

a sea of blue polo tops and black shorts.

I stood in the wings, the old science block

was my home for three years, Guildford Rd site

Copying math homework and writing poems

I still can’t believe I failed English class.

The best days were further down this long road

Sixth Form found a brown-eyed girl called Charlie

where love and friendship began its journey

happy in her individuality.