Journey Limerick

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these small playful characters
are veteran travellers
sounds in every shape
linguistic landscapes
my alphabetic actors

making paper every day
some will go and some will stay
delivered by Sir Snail
a mountain of mail
home after their holiday

they flew by air; sailed by boat
carried by a mountain goat
thrown from bag to bag
“snail mail is a drag”
said the effable e-note’

those small playful characters
conquer cyber barriers
uniting in words
tweeting like the birds
my alphabetic actors.

Written for Writing 201: Poetry. Day 2 – Journey, Limerick, Alliteration.

Inspired by: It was my turn to log the returned mail in the office today. I started to wonder the journey the envelopes had been on… and that’s how interesting logging returned mail is.

Hope you enjoy xxx

#NaPoWriMo Day One – April Limerick

Here is a challenge to behold

Dancing words, or so I am told

I pledge to you to write

Every day; Every night

Until every word becomes gold.


This is the voice of Always Chum

She talks all day; her voice is numb

But when she is home

Her words fill the dome

Bring on PoWriMo and thensome!