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When I was a little girl…

When I was a little girl I would wander

through ancient woods and historic villages

admiration, reverence, longing to know

wishing, praying I could travel through time

with a yearning of how we got here.

Now, I flick through records and photographs

curious wonderment in my brown eyes

watching the branches stretch into history

stories of miners and farm labourers.

It really was another world.

If I was born in Victorian England

I might be a maid in the houses of Chelsea

or a farmers daughter without a trade

trying my hardest to simply exist.

Just another face in the crowd.

As the lines falter through time’s trees

mysteries remain; never to be resolved.

Ancestors circling around the globe

India, Australia, Wales and home

bequeathing a nomadic legend.

Inspired by one of my favourite television shows Who Do You Think You Are? and my passion for researching my ancestry.

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#NaPoWriMo Day TwentyFive – “Dear Sir…”

Todays prompt was inspired by my other interest in researching my family history. The journey took me and my dad to the New Forest where we found the church my great great great grandparents were married (and presumably) buried in. I remember sitting in the churchyard thinking about what I would say to them if I could…




Dear Sir

Looking out from St Andrews

last May – it was a lovely day

the sky brushed in shades of blue

we’d been wandering the forest

studying Landford – tracing

you – on an ancestral quest.

We found you on this country hill

reaching up into the heavens

coated in yellow daffodils.

The world you knew is history

the young’uns migrated to the Smoke

why it’s all a mystery…

But, here stands the same ol’ church

of course in your time it was new

much like that weary silver birch.

Are you in the breeze about these stones?

Listening to my quiet whispers

as I ponder this place – your home.

Do you know we are related?

I’m your grand daughter’s grand daughter

and wanted to say hello – albeit belated.