Dear Grandfather


The reason I write to you these chosen words
Is that you left too soon, that’s what I heard.

You said for my birthday we’d take to the sky.
But you got on a bus instead, and died.

You promised to take me to far away lands,
I drew us a map, got paint on my hands.

I recall long walks across the village green.
You told me stories and taught me to dream.

The old man that boarded route forty-seven
Did he know he’d be diverted straight up to heaven?

Was grandmother waiting for you, just like you said?
Mum said she was, but I am easily led.

London has changed, its not the same without you,
The world is a scary place now, please come home soon.

Love, Charlie.

One thought on “Dear Grandfather

  1. kazooey says:

    is it supposed to end like that? it feels almost like it needs another line….otherwise i like it very much!!! xo


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