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Here I am. Can you see me waiting here?

My eyes wander across your way, I see

You all sitting together happily

But you can’t see me, and that is my fear.

I walk with you along the corridor

And every morning squeak you a greeting

I’d share more, but I think you’d stop breathing

I’m not a well-loved little character.

One day you all will change, I hope

You will see value in my shy nature

I’m just a timid quiet achiever

Learning to breathe, learning to cope.

So before you cast me off into the wind

Take a step back, and you’ll find a good friend.





Image acquired via google – take a click to some interesting insights into our mousy friends.



I like to think I'm a story teller. I love stories. I believe the world is filled with stories just waiting to be told and learned. I enjoy travelling down the road less travelled, with my iPhone and journal in each hand. Here you'll find all my poetic musings... Enjoy!

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