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the game

The whistle blows loudly and there you are
kicking and screaming to an endless field
a great adventure for you to embark,
a dangerous game with no weapon to wield.
You can’t go back, there is no rehearsing
experience the moments as they come
another soul just beating and breathing
when you are afraid just hold onto mum.
When you begin your plot is unwritten
it is you who makes you who you are, and
searching the rubble like a lost kitten
will push your head further into the sand.
Head for the stars like the tips of a flame
roar over mountains, bounce over the waves
there is no book to this eternal game
today happened and tomorrow came.



I like to think I'm a story teller. I love stories. I believe the world is filled with stories just waiting to be told and learned. I enjoy travelling down the road less travelled, with my iPhone and journal in each hand. Here you'll find all my poetic musings... Enjoy!

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