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NaPoWriMo 26/30 Persona Poem


I am a canine Sherlock

a bouncy snowy white

rising when the sun comes up

ready for the fight.

I search the perimeter

check on my family pack

they are always sleeping

while I am securing the back.

Winged enemies taunt me

as they hop along the fence

fluttering out of reach

I have no defence.

So I bark across the garden

and trip over abandoned shoes

try to alert my people

but they don’t have a clue.

They shout my name plenty

from the warmth of their beds

Jasper snoring loudly,

but waking him is waking the dead.

My name is Ollie

I am snowy white

I’m the leader of my family

and my barks worse than my bite.



I like to think I'm a story teller. I love stories. I believe the world is filled with stories just waiting to be told and learned. I enjoy travelling down the road less travelled, with my iPhone and journal in each hand. Here you'll find all my poetic musings... Enjoy!

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