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NaPoWriMo 29/30 April in Review

April was a battlefield

weighed and found wanting

Easter, Spring, falling forwards

no, here it fell backwards

inspiration lingering

behind the green gauze

of a stagnant mind

that smelt of coffee

and stale biscuits

stone the crows for sleeping

in frosty single digit

shivering mornings.

a writers hand

suspended in motion

as her brain defrosts

with communications slowing


technical difficulties.

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NaPoWriMo 26/30 Persona Poem


I am a canine Sherlock

a bouncy snowy white

rising when the sun comes up

ready for the fight.

I search the perimeter

check on my family pack

they are always sleeping

while I am securing the back.

Winged enemies taunt me

as they hop along the fence

fluttering out of reach

I have no defence.

So I bark across the garden

and trip over abandoned shoes

try to alert my people

but they don’t have a clue.

They shout my name plenty

from the warmth of their beds

Jasper snoring loudly,

but waking him is waking the dead.

My name is Ollie

I am snowy white

I’m the leader of my family

and my barks worse than my bite.

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NaPoWriMo 23/30 Happy Birthday Mr Shakespeare

Inspired by the bards birthday and it being St Georges Day in England. Love my homeland…

My soul searches all the small ancient nooks

but the verbal spaghetti isn’t clear

despite the exhaustive amounts of books

I say, Happy Birthday Mr. Shakespeare.

England’s heart beats for you and our St. George

April twenty-three painted red and white

stories of dragons falling to his sword

and your words immortalised in the night.

The sun rises and we are still breathing

ancient castles, vast woods, and national pride

shaping the might of Albion’s dreaming

twisting and turning along with the tide.

I am a child of this lovely island

with her future out there on the horizon.

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NaPoWriMo 21/30

Sun flashes on the tram floor
sparkling dark blue
the seats above are green 
guarded by shiny poles
all the space is taken
bags on laps, between feet
next stop miller street
earphones play soundtracks 
the tram hums along
smartphones need two thumbs 
two eyes bow the head 
glasses slide down the nose
facial expressions in post-work mode
next stop St George’s Road.

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NaPoWriMo 20/30 Tea inspired by Air Supply

Tonight I came home from work and realised I’d forgotten to buy tea (this is a disaster for us British folk) and Air Supply “All Out of Love” started playing in my head (I’m random like that). So tonight I wrote a poem that can be sung (badly) along to the tune of the aforementioned song.

Feet on the cold floor with my head by the door
thinking of you all day
I know your lost too but who knows what to do
bewildered in urban grey.
I wish you’d come home and forever stay
if I could I would let you grow
It would take me some time, and plenty of wine
but I know how from that show, from that show.

I’m out of you tea, I’m so cold without you
Where are you right now, escaping without me
I’m out of you tea, I can’t live without you
I’ll go to the shop and exchange some money.

I found you at the shop and carried you here
placed you among the fruit and nuts
my hand goes to you, get ready for the brew
the door is about to shut
I can smell your leaves at the end of the cup
as I pour the water on
your smell drifts over, like the cliffs of Dover
the lovely place you are from, you are from

I’m out of you tea, I’m so cold without you
Where are you right now, escaping without me
I’m out of you tea, I can’t live without you
I’ll go to the shop and exchange some money.