NaPoWriMo 2017 20/30

Today poem is to write in the style of a creation myth.
I decided to write about the creation of a poem.

In a land of truth and disillusionment,
a little black cursor blinked at me.
Sitting quietly in disgruntlement,
I wondered what this could be.
But once the light entered my mind,
my fingers flew across the page,
a thought tornado began to unwind,
a murder of words released from their cage.
My inner crow culled and carved every letter,
like an artist polishing their piece.
I contemplated what would make it better,
refining and shining my verbal motif.
Until finally a group of verses
composed themselves upon a crafted juncture.
Lo and behold a poem surfaces
ready to regale in their next adventure.

Thanks for reading! What did you think?

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