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NaPoWriMo 2017 29/30 Skeltonic Verse

Saturday night fell

like the dong of a bell

It’s easy to tell

This won’t go well

It’s easy to say

write about the day 

how the weather played 

and the rain stayed 

so we were all here 

drowned, I fear 

the umbrella didn’t steer 

the storm didn’t clear 

and I’m a drowned rat

its cliche to say that 

but the dogs on the mat

and we don’t have a cat

so don’t give me flack 

and don’t get on my back

coz my muse is in my bed 

there’s nothing in me head 

no thoughts for me to tread 

the melody is dead 

Write a rhyme he said

in a ridiculous fez

it won’t be your best 

but it’s not a test 

we’ll delete at your bequest

your happiness our quest.

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NaPoWriMo 2017 28/30

Oozing comfort from winter, the

Rain is vanquished into sweetness 

As the colours of the world change,

Nestling into shades of bleakness. 

Give me the most fragrant nectar 

Enchanted by the missing sun

Memories of the warm and fuzzy 

Orating against cold, I’m not 

Convinced when the sky is white 

However he warms my insides 

And I’m distracted from wintry night.

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NaPoWriMo 2017 27/30

Thought Process: A child looking up their ancestors in a futuristic census.

The digi-print of their bi-racial thumbs
hovered above the apple interface
the key to her genealogical tale
resolving the mysteries of her people.

The story begins in Melbourne city,
they met at the grandest Who-vian fare,
falling in love amongst dancing Daleks
by May they were married in Italy.

He was a master of the English sound,
playing with words like the piper to his flute
His mind was a musical on Broadway,
oozing in verbal mischief and folly.

She was a perpetual creator,
every moment was a tale worth telling.
She captured her world in poems and pictures,
humanity was her greatest hobby.

He couldn’t understand how people worked,
he felt the universes emotions.
He played the game, untangled puzzles
but humans were his greatest riddle.

She forgot the rules and danced to her tune,
she was befuddled by the “time and place”.
She conquered the world one day at a time,
her feet moving in time with life’s fiddle.

They were known as the wonderfully weird,
she coloured the world with her random thoughts,
he held her up with his quirky ladder.
They danced, two pieces of the same puzzle.

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NaPoWriMo 2017 25/30 Ekphrasis

We climbed our days, as they became our nights,
we were the weathered women in thunder.
We kept fighting while our hair turned silver,
painted away in the eternal white.
She turned to me with her grey crystal eyes,
her soul weeping with the rain, the grey clouds
weaved and roared about like a lone wolf howl
calling for mercy, from the rumbling skies.
Where are we? Alone upon a mountain.

Inspired by a piece from Luis Royo:

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NaPoWriMo 2017 23/30

Inspired whilst walking along St. Georges Road on St. Georges Day on a very sunny Sunday.

I walk St Georges Road,
it’s a far cry from home.
The southern sun explodes
over sand and white foam.

There is only one way,
it’s far from where I’ve grown.
But time turns with the day,
a new world for me to roam.

I find myself on a road,
feeling strong emotion
peaceful town happiness
chaos and commotion.

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NaPoWriMo 2017 22/30 Free

So-called promises,
are like words in an old book,
that no one will read.
Saying you will never change,
that we’ll always be the same.
People hide from truth,
like the mouse in the attic,
hoping no one sees.
But Autumn will bring the rain,
and nothing stays the same.
I don’t want the past.
I don’t recall who I was.
I just want to live now.
Everybody wants to be,
simply who they’re meant to be.
But this little voice, that’s me
just wants to be closer to free.

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NaPoWriMo 2017 21/30

I am made to serve the people of Earth.
I am found under the introductions.
I work to enhance a carpenters’ worth.
I am measured in all my productions.

My subjects think me imperishable,
I create an unbreakable line.
Once drawn, it becomes unquestionable
although enemies will try to deny.

I go wherever my people will go.
My life’s purpose is to serve until death,
I pledge them all a happy tomorrow,
in a long linear straightforward breath.

My people like to call me a ruler,
but my author just finds me peculiar.