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NaPoWriMo 2017 29/30 Skeltonic Verse

Saturday night fell

like the dong of a bell

It’s easy to tell

This won’t go well

It’s easy to say

write about the day 

how the weather played 

and the rain stayed 

so we were all here 

drowned, I fear 

the umbrella didn’t steer 

the storm didn’t clear 

and I’m a drowned rat

its cliche to say that 

but the dogs on the mat

and we don’t have a cat

so don’t give me flack 

and don’t get on my back

coz my muse is in my bed 

there’s nothing in me head 

no thoughts for me to tread 

the melody is dead 

Write a rhyme he said

in a ridiculous fez

it won’t be your best 

but it’s not a test 

we’ll delete at your bequest

your happiness our quest.



I like to think I'm a story teller. I love stories. I believe the world is filled with stories just waiting to be told and learned. I enjoy travelling down the road less travelled, with my iPhone and journal in each hand. Here you'll find all my poetic musings... Enjoy!

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