NaPoWriMo 2017 27/30

Thought Process: A child looking up their ancestors in a futuristic census.

The digi-print of their bi-racial thumbs
hovered above the apple interface
the key to her genealogical tale
resolving the mysteries of her people.

The story begins in Melbourne city,
they met at the grandest Who-vian fare,
falling in love amongst dancing Daleks
by May they were married in Italy.

He was a master of the English sound,
playing with words like the piper to his flute
His mind was a musical on Broadway,
oozing in verbal mischief and folly.

She was a perpetual creator,
every moment was a tale worth telling.
She captured her world in poems and pictures,
humanity was her greatest hobby.

He couldn’t understand how people worked,
he felt the universes emotions.
He played the game, untangled puzzles
but humans were his greatest riddle.

She forgot the rules and danced to her tune,
she was befuddled by the “time and place”.
She conquered the world one day at a time,
her feet moving in time with life’s fiddle.

They were known as the wonderfully weird,
she coloured the world with her random thoughts,
he held her up with his quirky ladder.
They danced, two pieces of the same puzzle.

Thanks for reading! What did you think?

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