Little Ollie, so bubbly and bright

Eyes sparkling the summer light

running around with your tail so high

leaping through the air to catch a fly

and bouncing onto the garden chairs

to watch Jasper sleep beneath the stairs.

All you want to do is yap and play

although your tongue hangs out this hot day.

Little Ollie, as pure as the snow

here i am, and walking we will go.

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Tinsel In The Sunshine

Little red hats, singlets and shorts

Walking in thongs along the port.

Standing together in candlelight

Caroling with friends into the night.

Raising a glass and spreading cheer

Fingers cling to ice cold beers.

Shrimp skewers sizzle on the grill

Accompanied by sautéed krill.

Southern climes can be a lot to bear

When gathering for an English fare.

Hot roast turkey with all the trimmings

Some veg but lots of stuffing.

Feeling the heat inside and out

That’s what our Christmas is all about.




Summer storms through the silly season

And I am my own fashion treason.

Asleep in my hoodie and flip flops,

Cropped leggings and blue Whovian top.

At my desk the universe lights up

But a first thing first, where’s my Garfield cup?

On my phone is a little image

So my sleepy eyes start to scrimmage.

An old photo of a time and place

Where five girls are caught in an embrace.

They look up at me from yesterday

Far. Far, away from this port side bay.

Those were the days of Pimms and flowers,

Best friends, and summer showers.

Gone are those days of dancing till dawn,

Getting drunk, waking up on the lawn.

No we’re closer to the big 3-0

Alarm clocks and coffee run the show

Dancing along the trapeze of life

As friend, worker, mother, sister, wife…

The world has spun a few times or more

Since I was last knocking at your door

But no matter how far we all roam

That time, that place, will always be home.