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Here in the urban jungle

The urban monkeys play

They laze in their paradise

Escaping the urban day.

They sit within the branches

Above the earth below

Sharing a story or two

Of a world they need not know.

Late, in the darkness of night

They venture down the trunk

They swing into the golden arches

Obviously very drunk.

When they are sitting in their tree

They skull the liquids of the night

Dancing to the urban dream

Until the morning light.

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Just for fun…

We come from different places
London, Rosebud, Tamworth and Yea.
We must have enjoyed the faces
because we decided to stay. 8

Badger likes to hibernate
and Turtle likes to dream,
the Moose offers mandates
which makes the Birdie scream.

We have a home on second east
a group of assorted creatures
coming home to enjoy our feast
after a day with the preachers.

We are found in the hall
when lights dim in the sky
singing  the jungle call
as people pass us by.

Strangers do not understand us,
we are the crazy creatures
Always  willing to make a fuss
from the top of the school bleachers.