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Clara’s Ballad

You’ve heard the words remember me
echoes splinter through time
quiet whispers in reality
somewhere the bells have chimed.

He met her inside a Dalek
she was full of sass and style
studying every move and trick
parting ways for a while.

He found her at the Rose & Crown
serving the London streets
chasing him through the ancient town
the second time they’d meet.

And then somewhere in the future
a place you and I know
he would find her as a teacher
and travelling they would go.

She went spinning with him in space
a button nose of curiosity
questioning every time and place
but he was the mystery.

Deciphering the enigmatic
whimsies of a mad man
she saw how his life was tragic
but danger had a plan.

They fought the Great Intelligence
and ran from time zombies
he brought her aboard with pretence
keen to know her story.

Leaping into the gold vortex
she saved him from himself
shattering across his cortex
echoing through his self.

She was the voice inside his head
that pulled him from the dark
a shining light in times of dread
a tiny little spark.

Remember me you clever boy
Remember me in dreams
Remember me you clever boy
Nothing is as it seems.

Written for Writing 201 > Hero(ine) > Ballad > Anaphora and Epistrophe

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#NaPoWriMo – Day TwentyNine – ” I’m Still Cooking”

Amy: Who are you?

The Doctor: I don’t know yet. I’m still cooking.

Grease a standard humanoid

lightly brush with Sigmund Freud.

Blanch in Gallifree spirit

that’s laced in some English wit

then add a pinch of Ms Tate

and a dose of Cribbins, wait.

Now, whip up a retriever

a pug and a terrier

Spin around in a blue bowl

until he is a know-it-all

sprinkle with some history

and just a little mystery.

Bake until he is wordy

then decorate with quirky.

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#NaPoWriMo Day Twenty – “The Doctor remembers…”

Mm? What’s that my boy?

Ah yes, those indomitable creatures;

those great big sacks of emotions

filled with love, loyalty and passion.

Tumbling through time like great giant snowballs

they added to their wisdom as they passed.

Those prodigious organisms

managed to make sense of

the huge, knotty, nonsensical place

of atoms and matter – their galaxy.

Would you care for a Jelly Baby?

From the day they arrived on their planet

they saw patterns and logic in nothing

filled with curiosity and wonder

the greatest mysteries they’d plunder.

It began in their own Earthian home

they searched and reached to places unknown.

Mm? What’s that my boy?

I’m sorry. So sorry. I should have said

but at the end of time humanity is dead. 

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#NaPoWriMo Day Nineteen – “a weeping angels woe”


Alone in the churchyard I watch

mortals mourning in tears and flowers.

Leaning against a rowan tree

abandoned by my family.

Beneath my feet a girl is weeping

I open my arms and kneel down

In surprise, she looks up at me

screaming like a startled crow.

She runs back through the stone and grass

reaching out to her, I follow

She turns to me – her eyes are cold

and zap – she’s now in the past.

Falling through time – I am weeping;

my eyes hidden behind grey fingers.

Left within eternal sleeping

this is where my Winter lingers.

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A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday evening I sat at my desk

to write some thoughts on ‘Serendipity’

’twas a challenge a dear friend had bequest


so it had to be worthy and witty.

My Sharpie lingered; the page stared blankly

as my eyes wandered across the blue room.

They gazed upon my Whovian family

and so my first sonnet began to bloom.

But when a writer begins their writing;

hidden metaphors begin to appear;

words start to link up, and start creating

a sonnet, that wasn’t meant to be here.

Heed this poets call; follow what you see

Alas, it could be… Serendipity!

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As long as I’m not deleted.

Sometimes I think you came from old Mondas

Your exteriors so fine, black and sleek.

I find you blunt, painful, frustrating, and crass

Yet you’re with me every day of the week.

Time is an illusion, when you’re around

Everything seems to happen instantly.

Nothing is ever lost, your portal makes it found

Whatever you do, you do it brilliantly.

Our world is full of regeneration

Yet every character remains on stage

It’s not math, just a time stream equation

That our lives our branded on history’s page.

So when you go to upgrade and refresh

Just remember your software knows you best!


Authors Notes:

*Mondas is a fictional planet. The home of the Cybermen – fictional characters in the Doctor Who series. Whovians I am sure (and really hope) will understand the reference.