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Composed upon a hill

Breathing out my thoughts,

words formed upon Queenstown Hill;

“I am. I am here”.

Diagonal steps

long before the beginning

my road keeps growing.

Moments, I can

say goodbye to past me

just remember to breath.

Benches are made for rest

as IĀ ascend the valley

dodging the boulders.

An iron gate creaks open

I follow ancient steps

in the winter chill.

The road changes

from forest to jagged rocks

the mountains are my compass.

The sun will keep time moving

but forever will wait

it’s just another moment

it’s just another story

it’s just my journey.



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Composed upon Mutianyu

I’ve recently returned from my trip to Beijing and so enjoyed learning the history and culture of our Chinese friends. The following is a few words I composed whilst almost passed out in one of the gantrys of the Great Wall of China as I tried to escape the sweltering sun and rest my poor weary feet…


A reel of memories

that taste like duck and dumplings

a warriors cry silenced

carved into the mountains

a story of everlasting pavement

up and down, up and down,

exposed under Asian sun

straw hats among the sloping grass

following footsteps

immune to creaking chairlifts

and anglo invasion.




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Pancake Day Poem

Shrove Tuesday, how I adore you!
Thanks for letting me eat pancakes.
I ate them with ice cream, it’s true
my new year diet is at stake!

But the way you slid off the pan
a tiny pikelet in my hand
packed with lemon and baileys too
making all my day dreams come true!