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Keep Calm and Carry On


Her lion heart is beating true

inhaling buckets of vindaloo

hearing the drums, seeing bright red

taste of fresh grass – battles ahead

Failure is the tide coming in

sail the ’66 bandwagon

1 of 19, the news said,

the empire is certainly dead.

Her little red mane knows the score

generations have seen it before.

Are they all just cream-crackered?

Lost, alone, completely battered?

No – because the pride roars loudly

dancing Nobby’s dance – hopefully.

We may have misguided hope

pride of St. George others can’t scope

even when their mighty paws

graze the grass like kitty claws

she WILL put the ball in the net

and put on a show you won’t forget!

Once this small cub ran through the town

painted red: oh, what a clown

screaming “Viva L’Angleterre”

the solid cup would soon be theirs.

Sigh, Keep Calm and Carry On

is the soul of this nations song.


My new ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ Mug

Englands losses in the first round.

Baddiel & Skinner ‘It’s Coming Home’ – England’s 1996 football anthem.


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Confusing Figure of Speech, Fair Dinkum!


Twas Winter in Melbournia

students rugged up in coats and scarves

sipping on lattes and mochas

sitting where the benches were carved.

Huddled in a tiny horse-shoe

telling tales of the lost weekend

I listened carefully; laughed on cue

an outcast amongst Aussie friends.

A tale of breakdowns on bridges

and how we’d walked 5k’s to town

along the highway, fighting the midges

drowning as the rain raced down.

“Wow, Fair Dinkum, girls!”, Al exclaimed.

I just smiled; and nodded; coughed “Yeah…”

Being new to this Aussie game

Oh, how I felt like a silly mare!

I looked at Al all befuddled

and he told me the whole story.

What he’d heard had him bubbled

and he wanted truth in our glory.

Fair Dinkum.


Inspired by Pooky’s Poems: Confusing Figure of Speech

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#NaPoWriMo – Day TwentyNine – ” I’m Still Cooking”

Amy: Who are you?

The Doctor: I don’t know yet. I’m still cooking.

Grease a standard humanoid

lightly brush with Sigmund Freud.

Blanch in Gallifree spirit

that’s laced in some English wit

then add a pinch of Ms Tate

and a dose of Cribbins, wait.

Now, whip up a retriever

a pug and a terrier

Spin around in a blue bowl

until he is a know-it-all

sprinkle with some history

and just a little mystery.

Bake until he is wordy

then decorate with quirky.

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Dear Mr Shakespeare

Inspired by one of my favourite Blackadder clips…


Dear Mr Shakespeare, Today I must write

and give a whole hearted thank you, to you.

Like the sun, your words are shining so bright

across the stars and history, it’s true.

Present students are filled with weary eyes

as line by line, we dissect plays like frogs

incomprehension we cannot disguise

as we pull on our fifteenth century togs.

However, fair is fair on the world’s stage

when you master the human condition.

With your timeless life lessons on the page

so all your descendants could rendition.

So thank you for the last four hundred years

and cheers to you sir! I raise my warm beer!