What have you been up to since high school?

I’ve been doing that thing called learning.

Every day I have begun again.

My life is like a candle burning.

In the fires, I have found my Zen.


I live in a world filled with anarchy.

I have battled the front lines of darkness.

I have stood with my friends in unity.

I have fought to bring back their sparkle.


I have studied Durkheim, Weber and Jung.

Travelled the world with Mr Bryson.

Found Shakespeare in a crowded room

and Chesterton in darkest London.


I’ve climbed atop Arthurs Seat (Scotland),

and rode a plastic cart down the Great Wall.

I’ve drunk Champagne on the banks of the Seine

and got lost in a Kowloon mall.


I’ve driven along Australian highways

in my beautiful Red Capri,

I’ve swum about Port Phillip Bay

and watched the stars on the drive to Sydney.


I’ve felt the emptiness of waiting rooms

and drunk coffee that tastes like piss

I’ve felt the skies roar with thunderous booms

peace and miracles are my Christmas wish.


I’ve worn different characters and costumes,

they have called me Chum, Alice and Red.

The weirdest one was in a ballroom,

and like Cinderella, I danced and fled.


I have laughed until I’m blinded by tears,

and cried till I couldn’t breath

moments made memories through the years

of my friends, my family and me.


What have I been doing since high school?

Well, simply put, it’s just like this

I’ve been playing the game, learning the rules,

creating memories to reminisce.

#NaPoWriMo Day Eighteen – “Note to Self”



I want to tell you to be brave

to step away from that brick wall

and seek the friendship that you crave

by showing the world you stand tall.

Forget the ones that say you’re weird

and ignore you till your wanted.

Find your passion; conquer your fears;

do what you do best and flaunt it!

Singing loud in the dead of night

but silent as a lamb in day?

No, you need to break out like a kite

and speak out, what you want to say!

Look around you, little missy,

you are a person – just like them;

clever, smart and sometimes witty

but you are – just another them.

Shakespeare says the world is a stage

and each of you have your role and place.

You start your lives with a blank page

each of your moments fill that space.

Live individuality –

it’s like travelling the unknown!

You’re a part of humanity

Oh, if you could see how you’ve grown!

You live on the other side now

still thinking the thoughts you’re thinking…

how you got here? you don’t know how

its just part of the travelling.

Be who you want to be, stay true

as one day, she will be you.