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Composed upon a hill

Breathing out my thoughts,

words formed upon Queenstown Hill;

“I am. I am here”.

Diagonal steps

long before the beginning

my road keeps growing.

Moments, I can

say goodbye to past me

just remember to breath.

Benches are made for rest

as I ascend the valley

dodging the boulders.

An iron gate creaks open

I follow ancient steps

in the winter chill.

The road changes

from forest to jagged rocks

the mountains are my compass.

The sun will keep time moving

but forever will wait

it’s just another moment

it’s just another story

it’s just my journey.



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Inspired by Thomas Moore ‘The Journey Onwards’

The plot was marked above the earth

gravity she was breaking

her tail pointed towards her birth

and her eyes towards her dreaming.

It’s always hard to leave our friends

the people that define us

but on we go around the bends

away from those who think they know us.

The tapestry of all our years

tell the tales of our growing

we look back on them with happy tears

with memories overflowing.

Reliving moments way back when

affirm the threads that bind us

enrich our love again, again

for those we left behind us.

And as she breathes each foreign shore

and wanders every street

she thinks on love for evermore

and looks for it, in those she meets.

Another scene marks another weave

older chapters start to fade

but the light of love never leaves

and so her story is made.

So, when the road comes to an end

and her tapestry is complete

she’ll think of those from way back when

her people, she will greet.