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Put Out Your Bats

Things happen.

You just don’t think they are going to happen

but they do.

A fallen hero

things happen

but then they get better

but sometimes they don’t.

I saw red bold letters

I saw yesterday on replay

I felt the sun shining

I heard clouds on the bay

Flags fell

Wishes made

Prayers barely answered

hope fell into shade

Darkness cast shadows,

against the light of humanity

but breathes of love

in the veins of a global community

roared across oceans

to the place I call home.

Streets lined with cricket bats

wherever I roam.

I didn’t know you

I only knew of you

I feel the pain of losing you

because I feel the grief left by you

Things happen

Nonsensical things happen

and we all keep asking

why did it happen to you?

Written for Phil Hughes & Cricketing Community. I can’t say I ever followed cricket or know much of the team but what happened last week I felt in my heart just like the rest of the world. It’s just so shocking and I still can’t believe it.  I had to write something.




I like to think I'm a story teller. I love stories. I believe the world is filled with stories just waiting to be told and learned. I enjoy travelling down the road less travelled, with my iPhone and journal in each hand. Here you'll find all my poetic musings... Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Put Out Your Bats

  1. So beautifully said too. My bat and cap are on my front veranda. Last night I watch England playing a game against Sri Lanka, players wearing black arm bands, signs of condolence and sorrow around the ground. His death has had a profound effect on so many, a young talent taken in the most horribly u imagined way. Thanks for writing this.

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    1. I hope you don’t mind Charlie but I linked my poem for d’verse with yours as you inspired me to write about this. I have to say i felt very numb after hearing the news of Phillip’s death.

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