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#iamgrateful for my friend

You are the needle to my thread
You are my greatest mystery
You are the voice inside my head
You are the co-author to my story.

You see me where I’m standing
You keep me on my feet
You hear me when I’m whispering
You narrate our lives in tweets

We dance like no ones watching
We sing to the highest note
We laugh until we’re crying
We wrote a book of silly quotes

I’m thankful that I met you
I’m thankful you’re my friend
I’ll never ever forget you
ours is a story, without an end.

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#iamgrateful for david bowie

Today’s #iamgrateful is dedicated to David Bowie – the man who put character into his music. Just by forming a poem out of his song titles I feel like I went on an epic journey. There will never be anyone like him on this Earth again. We’ll miss you star man!

Source of Inspiration: A Reality Tour – David Bowie

i’m the rebel

following a different path

just to see the same star

from a new kind of reality

the famous cactus isn’t here

but you’ll see her ‘round midnight

afraid of the snakes

and all the young dudes

away from their wives

the lonely guy stands

behind the mirror, screaming

who sold the world?

I’m on a fantastic voyage

mad man with a blue box

where is that space boy?

Sunday springs

into daylight

under the suns pressure

unveiling Mars

we’ll fight this battle

rise from the ashes

loving an alien

from the corner Motel

it never gets old

the Americans are afraid of change

but they, we can be heroes

listen to the Disco King

before five years

slips away

and we’re hanging onto ourselves

in the dust of the stars

left on the moon.

The angels are gone

and this girl

has this day.

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#iamgrateful for transportation

My bell is my melody

as I glide though my city

a cultural legacy

carved into her memory.

Ding Ding Ding, I echo

my driver stands and bellows

‘watch your step, my dear fellow”

as people look up, ‘hello’

I meander through buildings

stopping when the people sing

tinned sardines, more are boarding

my green poles they try to cling.

Taking them from home to work

the managers and their clerk

from Collins to Little Bourke

every 10, just like clockwork.

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#iamgrateful for my iPhone

I have this little universe 

It’s a blessing and a curse 

My eyes are enchanted all day

‘Please light up my world’, I pray

Any pause in activity

Will bug me for eternity 

So my eyes lock in at first light 

and rarely strays from my sight 

It’s a blessing and a curse 

But iPhone, life without you would be worse!