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Goodbye, Uncle

We got the word on Christmas morn,

And they told us you were gone.

Asleep, at peace, with the angels

The Silent Night, your Swan Song.

So, rest your weary head, dear uncle

your work on earth is complete.

“God is good”, you used to tell us

Now you’re sitting at his feet.

Sitting in the kitchen corner

With your cigarette and smiles.

“Oh, My” and “Exaa-ctly”

we would laugh with you awhile.

I’ll remember your red jumper

And the coat that was too big.

I’ll remember your brilliant mind,

And playful mischief with us kids.

I remember the last gift you gave

Was a box of “Indian Sweets”

We all gasped, and gave you “the look”

But were grateful for the treat.

Rest easy now, dearest uncle

Your light shines on us from above

No words can describe our sadness

Always and forever, sending our love.


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One grey day on the Metro line

I looked upon an old past time.

Sitting in the middle of yesterday

a carousel that cannot play.

Bracing itself through the pouring rain

the tired horses show their pain.

Eroded down to their very core

their porcelain skins are no more.

Coarse are their once pristine petals

destined for a sea of metal.

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Dear Grandfather


The reason I write to you these chosen words
Is that you left too soon, that’s what I heard.

You said for my birthday we’d take to the sky.
But you got on a bus instead, and died.

You promised to take me to far away lands,
I drew us a map, got paint on my hands.

I recall long walks across the village green.
You told me stories and taught me to dream.

The old man that boarded route forty-seven
Did he know he’d be diverted straight up to heaven?

Was grandmother waiting for you, just like you said?
Mum said she was, but I am easily led.

London has changed, its not the same without you,
The world is a scary place now, please come home soon.

Love, Charlie.

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My Little Snoopy

My little Snoopy.
My beacon of light.
How the world has changed
Since you left my sight.
We are in spring now
The sun has returned!
Melbourne is singing,
Our lessons, learned.
I wanted to write
To tell you of home.
Your sister is sick
No longer, she roams.
You both were buddies
Playing in the house.
Running to the lake.
Bringing home that mouse.
I see you down here
On your Blue bean bag
Sleeping so soundly
Both your tails would wag.
You escaped the wrath
Of Mother Nature
But old tired Blue
Withstood the torture.
Why? Where did you go?
Leaving without word?
Up there in heaven
Playing with the birds.
My little Snoopy,
As pure as the snow
Watch over your sister
She needs her little bro